Opening times: 7.00pm - 7.30pm
Well, that's when the
"meet & greet" starts.
(Sat. + Sun. closed)
2 Fools and a Bull has been open now for one year! Starting last year in this old Cunucu house at Palm Beach, the 2 Fools have been making head lines on Aruba. Paul and Fred decided to do their last trick and it worked! It is all very simple; Take 2 guys who know what they have been doing, give them this beautiful house and they will come up with a fantastic dining experience you have never done before! Fred the Chef is trained old school and has been around the block a couple of times. With his no- nonsense attitude he creates a 5- course surprise dinner that leaves everybody satisfied till the last bite! Paul, the number 1 Fool, makes you welcome from the moment you step into their house. A glass of champagne as a welcome drink, a meet and greet with your fellow diners, and you feel already at home.
The Fools have a 45 year old French Firewall that is center stage in their house. Depending on the Fools Fantasy that Fred creates that day, they might light it up, or do not be disappointed if they don' might be a better menu!! After the meet and greet in the backyard, Paul invites you to come in and sit at their U-Shaped dining bar. You sit among new friends that evening, and maybe you end up going home together. Paul and Fred explain the evening that night, basically a Fools Dinner Party with 2 crazy hosts! Fred tells you the menu, and Paul explains the wine selection for that evening.. Again very simple, you will have short little breaks between the courses, and the evening will pass by just like that! They don't really have a bar.....if they bought the bottle....they got it! But be sure to enjoy the wine pairing with the other Fools food. After the 5-course meal they will serve coffee, or tea..or?? The Fools always have a " Staff-Meeting" after their evening, so if you are not in a hurry, join the Fools for a little talk or hit the casino!!

The Fools set their price on $ 92.50 per person for the 5- course meal. Included is the welcome drink and coffee, tea or..? The wine pairing is extra, and by the glass, so all up to your choice! As you make your reservation on line, be sure to fill in your Food Handicap!! Fred prepares the menu by the numbers, and the handicapped! So if you tell us at 7pm you are a vegetarian........YOU ARE THE FOOL...!! When you make your reservation on-line.......RECONFIRM..!!! IF YOU DO NOT RECONFIRM 24HOURS AHEAD...WELL....SIMPLE! We will use the wait list and you are NOT in!! Again......RECONFIRM 24 hours ahead! By concierge, phone or e-mail!!
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